Báo giá chi phí xây nhà trọn gói tại Kon Tum mới nhất 2021

In a land called the Central Highlands, which is rustic and unspoiled, there are many large and small rivers flowing down through many parts of the provinces and cities here, but there is only one river flowing upstream, which is the river. Dac Bla – owns the land of Kon Tum. Kon Tum is a beautiful and rich place, but it has experienced many ups and downs over the years of history. From just a small village inhabited by ethnic minorities until now, Kon Tum has become a place of strategic importance in terms of politics, economy, culture – society of the city. this Central Highlands. And gradually, the beauty of Kon Tum has been revealed more and more clearly, attracting a lot of people’s attention, especially in building houses here. Thereby, if anyone has been interested in building a house in this beautiful land of Kon Tum, please join me in learning about the prices to know when building.

first. Geographical location and favorable land price to build a house in 2021 in Kon Tum

To reaffirm that Kon Tum is really a land worth living and settling in, we will learn together about the advantages of all aspects of nature – society here. The first is about how attractive and advantageous geographical location is. Referring to Kon Tum, we can immediately imagine a peaceful land with a river flowing through. Due to its special location – Kon Tum is a flat land with the Dak Bla stream winding around and accreting fertile alluvium, so the population is concentrated here, it is a residential area of ​​many ethnic groups as well as a large number of people. where different regions and cultures meet.


Next is about contiguous regions with important positions. Kon Tum borders many countries such as the Lao PDR and the Kingdom of Cambodia to the West, Quang Nam Province to the North, Quang Ngai Province to the East, and Gia Lai Province to the South. Therefore, the state and the government pay great attention to building roads here towards a complete transport system, which has conditions to become border gates, expand cooperation with other countries, since then Kon Tum has become one of the best places to visit in the world. become the economic exchange hub of the central coastal region and the whole country.

Currently, this place has a lot of diverse potentials such as hydropower, agriculture, commerce, etc., but especially that is the potential of tourism – services. This is the potential that many investors have discovered and are planning to invest in and explore this wild and wild land. And is that an opportunity you can seize to start your own business?!

However, the terrain here is still quite difficult to live in, because up to 2/3 of it is mountainous. In addition, because it is in the mountains and forests, it is inevitable that the climate will be erratic, if anyone decides to choose this place as a home, they should have a plan to design the house properly. Because of the above, the land price here is not really high, only ranging from 500 VND to 7,000 VND /m2, and the infrastructure here is still very rudimentary and simple.

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2. Why should you choose the type of house construction to choose the package?

This is a very good question, I’m sure everyone is wondering why I chose this question as the title of a large item? Because in today’s increasingly integrated era, catching up with trends is extremely necessary – it is always paying attention and developing convenient capabilities, saving costs and time when solving problems. problems. But here in building a house, I suggest you a new service that has appeared recently but is becoming very popular, and is popular, which is a full-service house building service.


Have you heard of the service name “building package” ever or not? This is a very convenient, clear and economical service package. You will not have a headache from finding a group of construction workers or having to choose to buy each type of material or have to work hard to study drawings and construction designs while this is not your expertise or knowledge. that you usually know. You just need to exchange and negotiate with the builder to confirm the package of house building services to decide the cost of the service package and the time to receive the work, then you can relax without worrying. to anything.

Of course, when choosing this package, you still need to pay attention to many items such as additional construction costs based on conditions outside the construction standards, it is recommended that the contractor before considering construction should investigate the construction site. If you take care of everything, then when you get the work back, you probably won’t have to bear any questions and dissatisfaction in my opinion.

3. Some notes when choosing the type of package house construction:

Of course, when it comes to adding costs during construction, it is necessary to consider conditions such as whether the cost of hiring labor is expensive during the construction period, or whether the construction site has any difficulties. ? What is the value of raw materials and finishes the customer chooses expensive or cheap? ….. All of the above, perhaps we can all understand that the extra cost is necessary and certain.


Here are some ways to calculate additional costs that you may not know when building a project. The first is the calculation according to the roadway (in which the road line is the way to calculate the width from the construction site to the main road). In which, if from 1m to 2m, we will add 10% of the construction area, and from 2m to 3m, we will add 8% of the construction area. In particular, when reaching 3m – 4m, an additional 5% of the construction area must be charged. The second thing to note here is the calculation according to the number of facades (the facade is the number of faces adjacent to the main street, street). In which, when a townhouse has 2 facades, an additional 5% of the construction area will be charged, a house with 3 facades will be charged 10% of the construction area, and a house with 4 facades will be charged 1 5% of the construction area. In addition to the conditions according to the above specific criteria, there are also other conditions that apply in some specific types of houses. That is, if the townhouse wants to install more elevators, it will add 5% of the construction area. Then, if the high-rise apartment reaches 5 to 7 floors, it will add 7% of the area per floor (floors from the 5th to the 7th floor), and if the apartment has 8 to 10 floors, it will calculate an additional 12% of the area per floor (floor floor). 8 to 10th floor). Outside the house when customers want to install and design a house with many details (many WCs, many walls, many rooms, …) – this usually refers to apartment models such as resorts, hotels, apartments, … . then, with the above conditions, an additional 15% of the area for each additional floor will be charged.

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In addition to the above characteristics, the following are also some factors to pay attention to when calculating additional construction costs. Including: foundation, building area of ​​floors as well as details such as stairs, balconies, basements, garages or yards such as terraces, gardens, and finally roofs.

Currently, contractors who accept works under the construction of a house package have already written up plans, predicting costs in advance according to the types of materials that the packages will provide, including packages ranging from 4,500,000 VND to 8,300,000 VND / m2.

4. The latest formula for calculating the price of building a package house in Kon Tum in 2021

The easiest formula to calculate the construction price of a house in Kon Tum 2021 that all investors can apply to calculate their house is as follows:

Total area of ​​the house X package construction price in square meters

=> Packaged house construction cost = Package construction unit price in square meters x total house area

In which: Total area of ​​the house = Total floor area + area of ​​other parts

Total floor area = 1st floor + 2nd floor + 3rd floor +… n + basement floor (n is the number of floors that the investor intends to build): 100% of construction area

Areas of other parts are specified in the table below. Investors can refer to and make up their own construction costs for their houses.


5. Unit price for construction of rough and finished parts at Kon Tum 2021

With information from many different contractors in Kon Tum, Digital Construction has determined the cost of building a house in square meters, including some of the following:

– Labor unit cost ranges from 1,100,000 to 1,500,000 VND/m2

– Unit price of raw parts and finishing labor ranges from 3,200,000 to 3,600,000 VND/m2

– Packaged house construction unit price including finishing labor costs:

+ The average package of materials costs about 4,500,000 VND/m2

+ The average package of materials costs about 4,800,000 VND/m2 -5,000,000 VND/m2

+ The package of materials costs about 5,500,000 VND/m2

+ Good material package costs about 6,000,000 VND/m2

Looking at this, the investor can easily see that if you use quality materials, the cost will be more expensive. However, you should not choose low-quality materials because of that to save your budget. Because, the material is the core of the building, the core is solid, the new building is durable.

Below is the latest price list of the raw package at Kon Tum 2021 that Digital Construction has compiled. Hopefully, through this table, the investor can prepare the most thoughtfully to start his house.





For example, the latest cost of building a 140m2 2-storey house in Kon Tum in 2021

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If you are planning to build a 2-storey house of 140m2, pile foundation, reinforced concrete roof. So, how much does it cost to build a rough and complete 2-storey house of 140m2?

How to calculate the area of ​​​​building a 2-storey house 140m2 in detail

– Basement area = 140m2 x coefficient of 30% = 42m2

– Area of ​​the first floor (also known as the ground floor): 140m2 x coefficient of 100% = 140m2

– Area of ​​the 2nd floor (1st floor): 140m2 x coefficient of 100% = 140m2

– Area of ​​reinforced concrete roof: 140m2 x coefficient of 50% = 70m2

Thus, the total construction area of ​​a 2-storey house 140m2 = 42 + 140 +140 +70 = 392m2 Note: The total construction area of ​​a 2-storey house depends on the type of foundation, type of roof, loggia…

How much does it cost to build a 2-storey house with 140m2 reinforced concrete roof in Kon Tum?

From the formula: Building cost = Total area x unit price

Refer to this cheap and good construction price quote:

– Unit price for construction of the raw part: 392m2 x 3,400,000 VND/m2 = 1,332,800,000 VND

– Unit cost of construction package: 392m2 x 5,500,000 VND/m2 = 2,156,000,000 VND

So according to the above formula, you can completely calculate the estimated cost yourself when building a 140m2 2-storey house, right? But a little note, this is just the current popular housing unit price for reference. Depending on the actual work, construction area, geographical location, finishing materials will have different prices. Please pay extra attention to have the most comprehensive calculation formula.

6. Suggestions for the type of house that should be built in the high mountains:

For each terrain, an area, we have our own suitable house types. It is impossible in a city with all modern European-style stilts to build a lost house on stilts in it. It is also impossible on high mountains and wet soil to build a house like the plains. Therefore, depending on the terrain, we need to choose different building models. Of course, these are just the features needed to be able to live in the high mountains better, but when it comes to decorating the house, we don’t need to limit our imagination.


Here I would like to nominate which is the concrete stilt house. First, it has high durability, then it has a very long time to use, next it has very high aesthetics, and construction is also very fast, especially the construction cost is not too high. With this concrete stilt house, you will not be afraid of the erratic climate of the high mountains, not afraid of floods as well as mold, … convenient, right?

In summary, above are some of my suggestions for building houses in Kon Tum. If anyone is interested in building a house in Kon Tum, they can refer to it. Wish you choose a reputable construction contractor, and can experience life moments with this poetic, lyrical natural scenery!

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