Biện pháp thi công cột tròn bê tông cốt thép cho công trình nhà dân

The round pillar is a very characteristic detail of the beautiful neo-classical or neo-classical style villas, creating an overall solid, majestic and beautiful building. The method of construction of round columns is considered to be more complicated and more difficult than conventional modern square columns, especially high-rise pillars, the more difficult it is.

The round column construction method is very necessary for neoclassical and classical architectural works

The moldings, round pillars are extremely typical details that bring a beautiful and magnificent beauty to neoclassical and classical architectural works, as well as European-style houses in general and French style in particular, arranged in both the interior and exterior of the house.

The majestic beauty of the interior is made more magical by the supporting round pillars

With a more difficult and laborious construction method than conventional modern square columns, the cost to buy materials as well as labor costs for using round columns will be more than the construction of other types of columns, and the same. With meticulous details such as round columns, moldings, and patterns, it is clear that the construction of neo-classical and classical style houses also takes more effort than modern houses.
Domes, large pillars, reliefs help neoclassical buildings have a unique characteristic: soft and attractive, solid and solid. With round columns for neo-classical houses, the top of the column is often decorated with motifs, the sculpture can be simple or complex, the column body is often smooth. Parameters of round pillars such as diameter, cross section, bearing capacity, etc., depend on the scale of the work and other factors.

Although the detailed drawing of the pillar is quite simple, the construction of a round column is not easy

Reinforced concrete columns are often used in reinforced concrete frame houses, then the column width should be taken as the beam width.

Detailed instructions on construction methods of round columns for neoclassical or classical houses

Step 1. Locate the column, determine the center of the column, the axis of the column


Determine the column center, column axis by latitude machine

Before construction, we need to accurately locate the position of the column relative to the building, usually the row of pillars is arranged very symmetrically in the works and to create monumental as well as good support. columns are often arranged on the porch or on the sides to create a dome. In this round column construction method, balance, symmetry and harmony are extremely important, so precise positioning is required.

The drawing for the center of the column and the axis of the column makes the construction method of the round column simpler

Use 2 theodolites placed in two perpendicular directions to locate the center of the column, the landmarks to place the formwork, paint and mark these positions so that the construction teams can easily determine the exact landmarks and positions. request mind. Or you can use manual identification to determine it is a search line. If the column center is incorrectly determined, the column axis will lead to the wrong column position and the column size is deviated from the original design drawing.

Use manual method to determine column center, column axis

Step 2. Construction method of round column – reinforcement erection step

a. Requirements of reinforcement used to construct round columns are:

  • Reinforcement must be used with correct data, type, diameter, size, quantity and location.
  • For the construction method of round column using round formwork, the reinforcement must be new, not rust, not dirty, especially grease.
  • When processing: Cutting, bending, welding, pulling the reinforcement to avoid changing the mechanical and mechanical properties of the reinforcement.
  • Calculate the volume of reinforcement according to the column size to estimate the cost of reinforcement.
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b. Steel erection process:

In round column construction methods, the process of pouring reinforced concrete round column is quite complicated and requires many requirements

  • Reinforcing steel is pre-processed at the bottom, cut and bent according to the shape and size of the designed column, arranged by type, tied into bundles to facilitate the use of cranes to transport to the installation location. .
  • To make the construction of round columns easy, the process of fastening the reinforcement must be done before joining the formwork. The reinforcement is tied with soft steel wires d = 1mm, the joints must comply with the technical requirements. Concrete spacers must be used to ensure the position and thickness of the protective layer for the reinforcement.
  • Reinforcing connection (tie or weld) according to design standards: On a cross-section, do not connect more than 25% of the total area of ​​the bearing reinforcement with plain round steel and not more than 50% with burred steel. The standard tie length is not less than 250mm for tensile steel and 200mm for compression steel.

c. Notes when erecting rebar

The process of erecting reinforcement determines the strength and stability of the column

  • Note that when carrying out the round column construction method, the pre-assembled parts do not affect or hinder the later erected parts.
  • There are protective measures to keep the reinforcement position stable, ensuring no deformation during construction.
  • After the cage and fastening is complete, fix it temporarily to install the formwork

Step 3. Stage of erection of column formwork (installation of formwork)


To make the installation of round column formwork simpler, the investor should place the formwork in the factory in advance according to the appropriate size.

If it is a round column formwork, usually it will be pre-assembled in the factory according to the size of the column because round formwork is difficult and not feasible, especially for columns. large size, self-assembly of round formwork is not possible. With this method, we do not need to calculate round column formwork ourselves.
As mentioned, the difficulty of the construction method of round columns is to install the formwork, the round formwork also has the same vertical direction as the column formwork, but has a circular shape and is placed in a fixed position.

Drawing of construction methods of round column with clear steps

  • Tole side: from 2mm . thick
  • Skeleton: use V4 with a thickness of 4mm
  • Bracing : use V5 thickness 4mm
  • Bolts: to fasten the links.
  • Constructed of pressed wood, steel, filter … positioned by horizontal anti-skewers or anchor ropes
  • Check and adjust the position of formwork with a plumboscope or theodolite.

Step 4. What is the process of pouring concrete round columns?


The process of concreting round columns is different between pouring high and low columns in the construction method of round columns

  • Put the concrete into the pouring block through the pour port through the pour chute.
  • Concrete must be poured continuously and should not be stopped arbitrarily. When pouring concrete columns with a height of less than 5m, it should be poured continuously, and under 5m, it is necessary to use the hole in the middle of the formwork to insert the concrete from the outside in stages but must ensure the position and structure of the stop circuit. reasonable construction.
  • Correct method of construction of round columns, the height of free fall of concrete is not more than 2m.
  • The compactor is brought in to be compacted vertically, using a stick compactor to compact, the depth of each concrete layer when compacted is about 30-50cm, the compacting time is about 20-40s. Pay attention during compaction to avoid distorting reinforcement.
  • Note with structures with doors, when pouring to the door, close the door and continue pouring the upper part.
  • When carrying out the method of construction of round columns, pouring concrete under the column is often pitted due to large aggregates often stagnation at the bottom, to overcome this phenomenon before pouring concrete we pour a thick layer of cement mortar. about 10-20 cm.
  • When pouring concrete, columns must be poured in order from far to near, from inside to outside, starting from the low place first, pouring in layers, after pouring each layer, compact it.
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Step 5. Dismantle round column formwork


Dismantling round column formwork is not a simple task that requires meticulousness and extreme care

  • Dismantle carefully to avoid breaking the structure. The minimum time to remove the round column formwork is in the range of 36 – 48 hours.
  • When dismantling is completed, it must be cured continuously for 2-4 days to ensure the working ability of the concrete.
  • Pay attention to safety when dismantling the formwork because in many cases, workers step on nails or bump into sharp edges of the formwork because after dismantling the formwork is not neatly arranged in the correct place.

Step 6. Plaster, decorate and finish


The image of the round column after plastering and decoration must be re-checked for size

  • Divide the column into segments for plastering, plastering from bottom to top.
  • The correct technique of plastering columns is to make landmarks equal to the thickness of the layer just plastered at each segment, the top and bottom of the column as a standard.
  • Use a ruler to roll the mortar according to the mold.
  • The final stage of the round column construction method is to use a ruler to check the vertical flatness and a ruler (template) to check the horizontal curvature (shape and size).
  • Use the brush to smooth the face.

Norm of materials for plastering columns and pillars such as plastering walls. The labor force plastering 1 m2 of columns and pillars is 0.5 work.

  • There are many methods of construction of round columns as well as ways of decorating round columns to create beauty for the house, the decorative details are clearly shown in the construction technical documents, so it is also simpler to decorate.
  • With neoclassical or classical architecture, round columns should be decorated at the top of the column and at the foot of the column with winding, soft and attractive motifs.


After tiling the stone, the construction method of the round column is complete and extremely beautiful

  • Stone cladding for round columns according to the needs of the owner.
  • Double check all column sizes and trim details after finishing.
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Notes during the construction of round columns


  • Besides the method of using round formwork, one can use the method of erecting square formwork and then plastering it into a round shape, however, to ensure the bearing cross section and aesthetics, it is still recommended to use the method. use pre-set round formwork according to size, use the method that is easy to crack the outside plaster.
  • Strictly following technical procedures and ensuring human safety when implementing round column construction methods requires skilled workers and care in every step of the process.
  • Pouring concrete columns with little reinforcement, care should be taken to ensure that the reinforcement is not twisted and bent. Pouring thick reinforced concrete columns, it is necessary to pay attention to carefully poking at the corners and knocking on the outer walls of the formwork, so that the concrete does not pit in the protective layer. Pay attention to the steel ends waiting from the column foundation to correctly position the longitudinal steel of the column. Column belt does not need to be the same throughout the height of the column, it is necessary to double the number of belts at the position of the steel overlap (usually at the base of the column).
  • Follow exactly as shown in the drawing of round column construction methods shown in construction technical documents to facilitate easier construction.
  • Do not let the foundation pit be flooded while waiting for the installation of formwork and foundation concrete. When implementing measures to build round columns of houses, many teams of workers poured dry mixed concrete into the flooded foundation pit. It is a very careless construction method, making the concrete poor quality because the cement must not be flooded, swell and mix, making the cohesion of the cement mortar seriously reduce, especially the foundation. need high grade concrete. It is necessary to ask the construction worker to drain the foundation pit and pour the water mixed concrete into the foundation pit in accordance with the regulations.

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